How to install a non-python dependency directly from GitHub?


I’m trying to Install imagemagick, which is a non-python dependency for my app. To install it directly, I simply write imagemagick in packages.txt, and it installs correctly. I, however, want to install it from GitHub because I want to use a slightly different version that I’ve forked. Does anyone know how might I do that?

I’ve searched the docs and previous answers but to no avail.

Thanks a lot for your help!

Hey @Bart_Eshwar,

Unfortunately, I think the answer may be that this isn’t possible with Streamlit Community Cloud. packages.txt takes apt-get dependencies, and apt-get requires Debian package manager packages (with no option to list a Git repository). Your best option is probably to either run the app locally, deploy it on a different platform, or stick with the non-forked version of the package.

Hi @Caroline ,

Thanks for your answer. I’d figured this might be the case.

The reason I’d wanted to use a forked version of imagemagick is because I need to change a single file. Imagemagick’s default policy.xml doesn’t allow some functionality, and I need to add a single line to it to get my script to work. Would you know of any way I could do this?

Thanks again for your help!

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