How to install pip and streamlit on Ubuntu 22.04?

Is pip installed correctly ?

I am new to Streamlit and I would like to manage the directories for learning and making (real) projects as follows:

Directory Learning is for practicing from various tutorials.
Directory Project is for my future apps.

I was so confused on how to Create a new environment with Streamlit.

Is it a must to do
pipenv shell
pip install streamlit
recpectively and in what directories should I do these 2 command lines in ?

Hey @nkcpp,

It seems like your confusion might be related to pipenv rather than Streamlit. To create a virtual environment, you can do pipenv shell and then you can install any libraries needed for your virtual environment with pipenv install <package name>.

It sounds like you need to do pipenv shell and then pipenv install streamlit. In terms of the directory, if you want to use the folder β€œProject” for your app, then it would make sense to set up the virtual environment within that folder.

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