How to Monitor Performance (memory, CPU, and disk usage) of Deployed Streamlit Cloud App?

I have a Streamlit Cloud application deployed already, and it would be nice to add a section to monitor the memory, CPU, and disk usage of the app.

I have had some people complain about speed issues and my app crashed once because I was caching too much data (I just rebooted the app the clear the cache). It would be great to see the spikes here to help debug why performance is an issue or the app crashed.

Maybe under the same Analytics section that exists for App Viewers currently ?

Is this something that is being considered ?

Hi @Nathan_Jones,

This is definitely something we’ve considered! I should note Streamlit Community Cloud is now geared towards serving as a free community resource rather than an enterprise business solution, as we are developing a joint cloud solution with Snowflake.

Regardless, feel free to submit this as a feature request here so our product team can take a look.

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