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Is there a profound way to monitor the resources (RAM, CPU) a particular app deployed on Community Cloud requires when run by multiple concurrent users?

That would give a beneficial estimate of how many users the 1GB RAM would suffice. (I think this addresses the concerns of many streamlit users based on forum entries.)

What can we expect from the “joint cloud product with Snowflake”?
Will there be an easy way to move from Community Cloud to this integration?
Will there be an option for horizontal scaling?
Can something be said about the timeline?

Thanks a lot for your reply!

Hello Stefan,

Welcome to the community! We’re delighted to have you join us. :blush:

Regarding your query, the monitoring of resources like RAM and CPU usage for individual apps on the Community Cloud is something we can handle internally and on an adhoc basis, primarily to identify if app crashes are linked to surges in memory usage. Unfortunately, as of now, there isn’t a feature available for users to monitor these resources themselves via Streamlit Community Cloud.

Could you please clarify what you’re referring to with ‘horizontal scaling’?

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Thanks for your reply!

The thing is that I built an application that already got the attention of a potential customer (200-500 Users) and it works wonderfully on my local machine (load tested with locust) as well as the Community Cloud for a smaller number of Users.

How can I ensure that it will scale properly? (regarding deployment)

Horizontal Scaling: If I understood correctly, every Streamlit app runs in its own container with its own resources. Is it possible to increase the number of containers to improve concurrency when resource limits are reached? Would you recommend a different approach?

P.S.: If possible, I’d really like to stick to the Community Cloud since it delivers such a wonderfully seemingless integration. :star_struck:


Thank you for your prompt reply and kind words, @Stefan_Wiesinger! :pray:

I’m pleased to know that you are enjoying your experience with the Streamlit Community Cloud!

Thank you also for clarifying about horizontal scaling. As far as I’m aware, there’s no such functionality planned to be implemented in Community Cloud. You can keep an eye on what’s in store for Community Cloud on our public roadmap:

Streamlit Community Cloud Roadmap

I hope this helps.


Is there a way to get the info about the monitored resources you “handle internally and on an ad-hoc basis”?

Sure, we could check it out for you. :slight_smile: