How to run my code from Pycharm and see it as a desktop app?

Hey, so is there a way to run code from Pycharm and then a little app pops up instead of having to use a browser? I plan to use it as an app if possible. I know this works with tkinter but I’d much much rather use streamlit.



This is more of a PyCharm question than a Streamlit question – their docs here describe how to set up the integration with your browser of choice.


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Hey, thank you very much!

or if I was running it through terminal, from there how could I do it? @Caroline

Our docs cover how to run Streamlit apps

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by this do you mean web apps or desktop apps? if web apps is there docs for desktop apps? @Caroline

Streamlit allows you to create web apps (not desktop apps, although you may be able to find a way to do that with Streamlit, but it’s not natively supported)

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