How to use psrecord

My streamlit app is facing resource limit issues quite frequently.
I cam across the article Common app problems: Resource limits

I tried one of the steps: psrecord 1234 --plot plot.png

But it opens a python script instead of the graph.
Any inputs on how to use psrecord?

Hi @ramani-venkat

In regains to the first point on the compute resource, apps deployed on the Community Cloud is guaranteed a minimum of 1 GB RAM which should be sufficient for most cases. And yes there is the blog that you’ve mentioned on optimizing the app.

As for running Python scripts, you can use subprocess module’s methods such as Popen. If the script had generated an image, you can use st.image to open the generated image.

More info on using st.image in the Docs page below:

Hope this helps!

That looks like step 5. Now go through the steps 6 and 7 and see what is in the plot.

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