"Huh, this isn't supposed to happen" error. Could support take a look, please?

Hi there! I’m new, I believe there’s an issue with either my GitHub repo, or gmail I signed up/in with that’s causing the “huh, this isn’t supposed to happen” error in my account. I’ve tried unlinking my GitHub account which takes me back to the dashboard, but whenever I try and add the repo back in, I end up at the same error. Could someone take a look at my account, please? I’ve also emailed support.

Thank you.

This error message usually occurs if the GitHub username is associated with an email address different than the email address that you used to sign in.

Please try to login with the email address that you’ve used in the past with your GitHub username.

I’m also having this issue. I get the ‘Huh’ error (403) when trying to sign in.

I mailed support days ago, and it still isn’t resolved. I can’t sign in to change my email address or access my apps to try and see what the issue is. I checked, and I am using the same login email as what’s in my GitHub account. It seems to work fine if I create a new account with a different email, so it probably is a login issue. I also tried clearing my cache, cookies, and browser history, deauthorising Stremlit in GitHub, signing in via GitHub instead of Google…

At this point I would even delete my account and start again from scratch.

Hello I am seeing what appears to be the same issue.

When I logged onto the streamlit cloud server today it was just spinning on Connecting, the logs said something about the id I was trying to use was already in use.

So I rebooted the app a couple times, but when it came back up it would return to that same state.

So I deleted the app, but now when I try to create one I get this message:


I logged in freshly via GitHub but see the same issue.

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