“Huh, this isn’t supposed to happen” error. Could support take a look, please?

Hello :slight_smile:

I am refering to this problem: Getting Huh error message on https://share.streamlit.io/ - #12 by mathcatsand
As right now, it seems that I have the same issue as I cannot see anything in my workspace

Expected behavior:
Going on: https://share.streamlit.io/
Selecting my workspace → seeing my apps or create a new App

Actuall behavior:
If I go in my personal workspace i see nothing but the error

I already checked my github and streamlit email as mentioned but cant make clue out of it.

Thank you very much in advance for your help.

Best Regards

Try logging out, clear your browser cache, and then log back in. If it still throws an error, please open a support ticket using these instructions.

There was an outage incident with Community Cloud yesterday that should now be resolved, so if you didn’t have luck yesterday, you should be good to go now.

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