I get the following error while deploying


I am farely new to streamlit and using it to make a portfolio. I’m using awesome_table to display a table, which used to work fine on my local machine but gives me “Import Error : from pandas.io.json import json_normalize”.

Thanks in advance.

I have checked these and i have used pandas.json_normalize. Still the error stands.

That component has had no development activity for one year and is slowly becoming obsolete. The latest release won’t work with pandas >= 2.0.

I see. Thanks for the info. Do you know anyway to create a table which can contain a long comment of a cell( as in custom row height )?

Sorry, no. Possible short term solutions are holding pandas to a version < 2.0 or monkey patching pandas (pd.io.json.json_normalize = pd.json_normalize).

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