I have created a streamlit component and published on PyPI but still not showing in Streamlit Component gallery

We have published the component on July 07, 2023. Still now not reflected on Streamlit component library.

Name of the component: EJ2-Streamlit-Grid
Github URL: GitHub - SyncfusionExamples/Getting-started-with-Syncfusion-Grid-component-in-Streamlit-app: This repository contains the Syncfusion Grid component example using Streamlit application.
PyPI package: ej2-streamlit-grids · PyPI

Hey @Vishnu_Moorthi,

Thanks for sharing your component! I’ll share your component with our team so we can get it added. Note that your component does show up on our components explorer app if you search “EJ2.”

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Thanks for your response @Caroline.

Hi @Caroline,

Will our component be visible on the Streamlit component library site at Components • Streamlit?

Hey @Vishnu_Moorthi,

Our team has added your component to the site – it’s live now.

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