Image annotation tool using Streamlit

I recently created an image annotation app using Streamlit. It is not a finished app yet. But you can see the video at


Hi John:
Awesome work,I want to create a same tool for my work,can you share me your code please.Thank you very much!

Sorry for the late reply. Was not logging into streamlit. With the new forms function, it should be easy to create. If you still like to see my code, let me know. I created it before the forms were released.

Github link to the code - GitHub - johnyquest7/ThyroidReporter: Image annotation tool for thyroid ultrasound

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Hey @johnyquest, loved your video on youtube, thanks a lot for sharing the code, I’ve been trying to make something similar using labelstudio and streamlit.

With the new form function, it should be even easier. Glad you liked it.

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Did you save your images in a csv file? I’m not sure how to do that. Any suggestions?

source_dir = None
csv_to_log = r'C:\Users\JOHNY\CV_recepies\annot1.csv'
proj_file = r'C:\Users\JOHNY\CV_recepies\St_annot.csv'

I just saved the image file names and annotations in a csv file