New Component: streamlit-img-label, an easy app for image annotation

Hello all!
streamlit-img-label is a graphical image annotation tool. Annotations are saved as XML files in PASCAL VOC format.


pip install streamlit-img-label
streamlit run

source repo: streamlit-img-label
This app is inspired by streamlit-cropper
Hoping to see people using this.

Tianning Li


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Such a nice. work ! Thank you for sharing this cool component !



Hey @lit26 welcome to the community!

Thanks for the awesome contribution :smiley: I know a lot of people wanted something like this here :slight_smile: could you add it to the Component Tracker so we don’t lose track of it ?

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Sure, will do.

Hi Everyone!

I’ve seen your project and it’s very awesome!!! You know where I can find some documentation about this project. Like loading my own photos, my own labels or how to integrate with other Streamlit apps to build a 360° solution.


Sorry, currently there is no doc. I will write one when I am free. If you go to the bottom of, you can replace the image directory and the labels. Thanks.


can I use it for a video to annotate keypoints frame by frame?

thanks in advance

I guess you can. Videos are just a bunch of images.

Hi all, thanks for such a wonderful contribution.
I am using Streamlit for a complex workflow, where user can add car images, along with the Car model, and pipeline returns the Parts Damages segmentation and the predicted prices for the replacement. Now, I have worked out the way, where the user have the functionality to give feedback for changing the Parts Action, say if system predicted FenderFrontLeft should be Replaced, and he thinks it is is Repair case, I am handling it. Can I have this functionlaity, where user can manually do Segmentation Annotation, for damages instance segmentation… If so, I would be very grateful, if you can share me any resources, that can be helpful……

Labelbox and VIA are primarily designed for image annotation, but there are other tools that can be used for video annotation tasks such as labeling keypoints in frames.Preformatted text

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