Improve folium map perfomance

Hi community!

I am starting using streamlit, and I’d like to get your advice for this development

I am creating a map, with a lot of markers, which are being clustered into bubbles. Every time that the map is loaded because a filter is apply, it takes a lot of time to plot the markers.
I am looking for advice in terms of what Streamlit components should I use to improve performance. As you can see I was measuring where is the performance issue with a time function, and is on the map display.

func:'display_station_filter' took: 0.0786 sec
func:'display_year_filter' took: 0.0467 sec
func:'display_month_filter' took: 0.0308 sec
func:'display_map' took: 50.5681 sec
func:'main' took: 50.9427 sec

I’ve been investigating about streamlit session and streamlit cache but I think that is not the answer to my problem.

This is my code, running, but quite slow. Really appreaciating your help here!

Kind regards!