Installing Dependencies

Hi, I created an interactive dashboard using jupyter-dash, and I’d like to reproduce something similar on streamlit.
This is my first time using streamlit and I’m stuck at loading my dependencies; I keep getting the error “Error installing requirements.” (Error attached)

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This is too litte information to give any advice.
Also, please don’t post images from code or error messages.
Please share a link to your public github repo.

It is not enough information but I think it is a same problem as me in the first time using streamlit. Please install the library in the systems. and dont forget in github to explain what is your librart with requirements.txt

I’m sorry I didn’t provide enough information.
I’m actually new to streamlit, and I’d appreciate if you can explain how I can install the library in the systems.

Presently, this is the content of my requirements.txt file

Is there anything I’m doing wrong?

Thank you for the response.
Here’s the link to my repo: GitHub - GentRoyal/blood_donation

  • delete the packages.txt file, this is for binary dependencies
  • delete the Pipfile.txt, keep only the requirements.txt file
  • Your python app will not work anyway on streamlit cloud, because it is not a streamlit app
  • you will have to refactor your python app to make it a streamlit app, i think most of the dash and ipywidget stuff will not work in streamlit
  • cleanup your python script, since it was exported from a jupyter notebook

Besides what @Franky1 said, installing sklearn is deprecated and can lead to errors, you should to install scikit-learn instead.

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You can first try what Franky1 said, all well documented.