Interested in creating and/or testing components?

Hey Community :wave:,

We’re getting close to launching components and are beginning to open up the beta to more creators and testers :balloon:

Components empower you to write custom JavaScript and HTML “components” that can be rendered in Streamlit apps, giving you the ability add new visualization libraries, create new widget types, or even connect in new services like Google Analytics.

If you’d like to join the closed beta, please fill out this form to sign up! We’ll be granting access on a rolling basis over the next couple weeks.



I am excited to be part of the streamlit revolution. I am willing to test components if needed.

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Hey @Gopinathts great to hear :slight_smile: ! Don’t hesitate to answer the form from the main post then :wink:


Hey any updates on the release of this feature?

Hi @peterferguson, welcome to the Streamlit community.

Streamlit components launched in July of last year. You can see a list of completed components, as well as ones that are in-progress and requested here:


Awesome … guess I was way behind on this one. Thanks for pointing it out!

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