Interview GPT - All you need to prepare for behavioral interviews

Hello, sharing this with y’all after using it for a while and being extremely pleased with the result.

An app to help you prepare for behavioral interview questions -

It is an MVP and not fully ready. There still are rough edges and UI glitches. I tried to incorporate user login to save the answers but it is not reliable. (If the app is rebooted, all existing data is lost - that’s how streamlit works I suppose). So best way to use right now would be to save your answers locally. If I see enough interest then I could add more features, top of the list being saving answers to your own Google Drive. Sometimes it may seem that the app is not responsive but if you see “Running” status in the top right corner it means the app is busy doing something, so just wait.

Even if you are not preparing for any interviews, it is a worthwhile exercise to attempt answering these questions. It will clear up your own thought process and help in articulation.

If you like what you see, then please share your feedback. Cheers.


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