Product Owner Interview Questions Flashcards app

Hello Streamlit Community!

Some time ago I discovered Streamlit and absolutely fell in love with it and its community.

Having said that, I thought that I should make some community contributions :slightly_smiling_face:

Therefore, I present to you my Streamlit

“Product Owner Interview Questions Flashcards” app!

It was heavily inspired by “82 Product Owner Interview Questions to Avoid Hiring Imposters” e-book. Luckily, its author, Stefan Wolpers, was kind enough to let me use its contents for the app’s purposes.

App purpose

In the app you will find 82 questions for product owners with the ability to draw a random question.

I’m guessing that some of you work with or are product owners / product managers. The app has three main purposes:

  1. Help candidates prepare for the interview for the product owner role.
  2. Help managers with hiring processes and give them inspiration.
  3. Increase product owners’ knowledge and inspire them to examine their “product owner conscience.”

Technical side

In comparison to some of your apps, nothing fancy :slightly_smiling_face:

Backend: google sheet as seen in this article - in this use case sheet is a very convenient way of adding new questions & answers from anywhere.

Front: external css, inspired by this code pen with some adjustments to look good in form of an app

Streamlit flow: As streamlit always re-runs app on interaction I had to use session states to keep current question in memory (to prevent re-drawing question if the user clicks “show answer button”).

Potential future developments

Improve UI on mobile platforms

To be invistigated

It seems that st.markdown rendering HTML always adds DIVs even if it is rendering non visible parts of the site?

Repository link


Beautiful Linkedin card and question styling :smiley: thanks for sharing!

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Thank you very much! As for LinkedIn badge: kudos to @Mehul_Gupta and his article on medium. If someone is interested in how you can add a LinkedIn badge to your app, you can find instructions on Mehul github

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Thanks @TomJohn for the mention

Nice app @TomJohn - I can see how this can would make for a nice UX in a survey.

Are you planning on making the code available?

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Hi @asehmi thank you for your feedack! As for your question, I will make the repository publicly available after the weekend :slight_smile:

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I’ve added a repository link to the post, as promised. Have fun!

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