Introducing - dashboard for 2nd Earth Orientation Parameters Predicition Comparison Campaign

Hey, Streamlit community!

Check out the new EOP PCC Dashboard at!

What’s Inside? Explore a comprehensive dashboard offering insights into 2nd EOP PCC data.

Key Features:

  • Interactive visualizations
  • Analytics
  • User-friendly interface

Why Visit? Whether you’re a researcher, enthusiast, or professional in the field, the dashboard provides insight into 2nd EOP PCC metrics effortlessly.

Let me know your thoughts!

Visit EOPPCC Dashboard

Looking forward to your feedback and insights!

Happy exploring!

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Hi @TomaszMK

Thanks for sharing! My first impression was that the app was well built. It is neatly organized into various pages and each page has widgets further organized into containers.

Perhaps a minor suggestion, for the container with the Run button, it would be great to either embed this in an st.expander in a similar fashion to the expander above it.

Big kudos again for a well built app!