Process Mining Dashboard in Streamlit

Take a look at the process mining dashboard I built to analyse a Helpdesk event log.

Process Mining Dashboard

Take a look and let me know what you think!!!



Any plans to share the code would be a lot help . :pray:

@Sai_SaiGraph Thank you!

I plan to clean up the code base, include comments and maybe make the repository public over the next few days. If you need it more urgently, you can use the contact box in the Dashboard’s Homepage and I will share the repository with you!

I am working on another dashboard where a user can upload their eventlog and an analysis will be performed. Let me know if you would love to be part of the initial testers!

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Yes sure would like to be part of the testing. Thanks.

I have created a new Process Mining dashboard on Streamlit to analyze an Order to Cash event log provided by IBM. In addition, I have included my findings at the bottom of each page.

Order to cash analysis

Please let me know if you have any questions or comments.

If you have a process mining dashboard on Streamlit, feel free to share.

If you have an event log you would love to collaborate on, please contact me using the form on the website.

Thank you!

Hey guys,

I have added a new Process Mining Dashboard on Streamlit to analyse a Road Traffic Fines Management event log gotten from 4TU Research Data

Check out the Process Mining dashboard

In addition to the visuals I have above, I have introduced two new visuals:

  1. Duration of activities over time. This shows the duration of the various activities over time (based on Median or Average duration of activities)

  2. Variant graph. This shows the activities of the individual variants

Please let me know what you think!