Invalid Repository URL for Public repo

The Repository is Public : smarthardik10/Medical-X-ray-Image-Classification-using-Convolutional-Neural-Network: Construction of CNN model for detection of pneumonia in x-rays from scratch (

Method1 (Failed) -

The Link i parsed is : Medical-X-ray-Image-Classification-using-Convolutional-Neural-Network/ at main · smarthardik10/Medical-X-ray-Image-Classification-using-Convolutional-Neural-Network (

Method 2 (Failed) -

I also tried passing various links of file paths and repository none of them seem to work.

The repository name was too large. Hence i was getting this error
FIX:- Just shorten the name of repo

Solution:- Invalid Repository URL - Streamlit sharing - Streamlit

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Sorry you ran into this @smarthardik10, I believe this is a known issue that we are working to resolve.