IQ# support

Hi all,

I wanted to deploy an Streamlit app that is using qsharp (Q#) , a quantum computing framework by Microsoft. I succesfully added the required dependencies, but it failed to finally load the app due the following error:

qsharp.clients.IQSharpNotInstalledError: IQ# is not installed.

I suspect that this is related to the fact that, in a local environment, you must install a kernel in order to compile Q# operations and be able to import them in a Python script or Jupyter Notebook:

dotnet tool install -g Microsoft.Quantum.IQSharp

The Streamlit app is working in my local environment with no issues, so I guess I’m only missing this final step.
Is it possible to run Q# (or even QDK related stuff) on Streamlit Cloud, or should I look for other ways of deploying my app?

Thanks in adavance