Is it posdible to develop plotly Dash like Web apps using streamlit

Hi streamlit,
Am new to streamlit I would like to know is it possible to develop plotly dash like Web apps using streamlit

Plotly dash Apps like oil and gas… Or the below one developed by me


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The app is something that can be implemented in Streamlit now with the exception of showing the charts side by side. All charts will be below each other. There are feature requests for more advanced layouts that will support showing charts side by side.

The app can also be done in Streamlit with the exception of the side by side layout. The table shown in the application is also a bit more advanced then the table currently supported in Streamlit. But there are feature requests for adding a more advanced table to Streamlit.

See for example this discussion Increase width of items

If you move beyond the links shown to something like then that is not something you can currently do in Streamlit as it requires more advanced layout and formatting functionality. There are feature requests for both.

I would really like to be able to develop such reports and dashboards with the simplicity and speed of Streamlit. But I cannot tell if will be possible because that might destroy the simplicity of the Streamlit Api.

Maybe some of the people behind Streamlit can say something about that?