Is it possible to create drill-down tables?

Is there any workaround to create drill-down/drill-up tables? F. e. I have SQL request to generate a dataframe of total sales and want to draw it as a table. Is it possible to show detalization as a new table by clicking a row of total sales table? And pass a param to SQL detalization request depending on which row was clicked?

Hey @emperorofkicker,

You can create drill-down tables with the streamlit_plotly_events component – check out this guide here.

Thanks, Caroline!

As I can see, plotly_events handler can determine which point of graph has been clicked. Is it handy for tables? I want to click some table row and just let my code know, which values clicked row has, and show another table depending on them

One way to select rows is with experimental_data_editor Ability to accept input from Charts, Tables, etc. · Issue #455 · streamlit/streamlit · GitHub

Thanks! Another way I found is streamlit-aggrid lib

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