Is there a subscription plan coming for Streamlit sharing?

Hi all,

Currently there is a limit of 3 free apps per user. Is there a subscription plan available now or becoming available in near future that allows us to have more apps?

If yes,

  • when is it going to be available?
  • what would be the pricing?
  • Is it going to be cheaper than deploying our programs on other platforms (heroku, GCP, etc?).


Hi @aezzati -

Glad you are finding Streamlit sharing useful! While we’re in our beta period, we’re collecting a lot of info on how to run a platform service like this, as well as talking to users to see what might be appropriate. While we usually talk publicly that there is “Streamlit sharing” and “Streamlit for Teams”, the final result will likely have several levels of paid tiers, to support individuals with slightly more needs all the way up full enterprise use cases.

In terms of what those actual tiers will be, and if pricing would be competitive to other platforms, unfortunately I don’t have that info to provide right now.