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Hi, First of all I want to thank all the community for the support given with scripts, solutions and help for those approaching the streamlit world. I want to share a project with you and I hope it will help someone with a problem I had in making my streamlit app a fast and interactive data visualization tool. The architecture consists of a back-end part built with a fastapi endpoint and a streamlit dash that captures the web socket and renders a data source live. To date, the project provides in phase 1 to create a monitoring dashboard and subsequently carry out analyzes in other dashboards of the application, one thing that I did not seem to see in the forum is precisely the ability of streamlit to visualize β€œrow data”. With this architecture it is therefore possible to implement new visualizations and manage data extraction separately from the streamlit app.

My GitHub Project


Hi @Fabrizio.Brancato

Thanks for sharing your app. The implemented backend component looks amazing, thanks for creating it!

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