Is this a problem on my computer?


I am getting the following message when attempting to login to a streamlit site and was wondering if this is a problem on my side (my computer) or the site. I have logged in many times with no problems up to now.

Your app is having trouble loading the streamlit_option_menu.option_menu component.

(The app is attempting to load the component from ****, and hasn’t received its "streamlit

" message.)

  • If this is a development build, have you started the dev server?
  • If this is a release build, have you compiled the frontend?

For more troubleshooting help, please see the Streamlit Component docs or visit our forums.

Hey @MikeM1,

Is the app running locally or do you have it deployed it somewhere?

Thanks for the reply, all sorted, just cleared my cache and browser history!!

Hi Caroline,

I’m having the same issue but with the aggrid component. I run my app through docker containers deployed on a k8s server and all I have a simple script that simply runs streamlit run <filename>.

I noticed in this streamlit tutorial that they download the streamlit component, npm install & stuff (i don’t know front end stuff :sweat_smile:), and then hook up their component to a local npm server?

Is that workflow good for production as welll? I.e. can I start the npm server in my docker container and point the component to it to prevent this issue?


I’m not sure you’re on the right track. If you only want to use the streamlit-aggrid component, you don’t need npm stuff. The mentioned tutorial is about developing your own streamlit component.

Thanks for the response Franky1!

Yeah I can use the streamlit-aggrid component just fine without the npm stuff, but it keeps giving me the

Your app is having trouble loading the st_aggrtid.agGrid component.

Based on threads that I’ve read, i think this is because it takes too long to load the agGrid component and streamlit throws the warning (that eventually goes away). This warning happens consistently for some of our users which isn’t a great user experience. If I understand how streamlit components work (that’s a big if :sweat_smile:), they’re displayed as IFRAMEs which fetch the HTML from a URL on some web server. What I don’t understand is where that web server lives and why it’s taking so long to fetch.

I was hoping that by connecting agGrid to a local instance of the web server (npm?) within the same docker container it could cut down on latency and not cause a time out.

Hey mike, I am getting the exact same warning of streamlit_option_menu . I am running my code on my local desktop on VS code.

I tried everything but it is not getting resolved. Though the warning is for few seconds but it looks unprofessional.

Can someone please share their knowledge on this ?

Hey folks, I also haivng a same message shown in my app for streamlit_option.

If you have any solution for this problem. Please share it.