Warning agraph component

Hey Fellows,

have had anyone this problem before, know the cause and how to fix it?

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Hi Chris,

FYI: This thread may be related: Any ideas on "Your app is having trouble loading the st_aggrid.agGrid component"?
Dont have any solution for you though :wink:

From the message, looks like the component URL is incorrect. I’d suggest logging the url/location of the component where it’s declared and check it’s correct. The component examples show dev and release declarations, and a release version requires the component frontend to be built initially for the build directory to be found. Also, have you started the frontend server before opening the st app?

The package is installed from Pip - from my understanding this should mean that I’d not have to worry about dev and release declarations and building the frontend component? Starting the frontend server is only relevant if you’re building your own components or if I checked out the component source code from GitHub, right? I might be wrong - have not dived too deep into installation of components and so far everything has just worked…

I’d run it from a checked out build to identify the issue, if your browser console isn’t providing some clues. This component stuff is still too new to rely on using pip deployments which can’t be debugged (in my opinion). There isn’t any QA / certification process around them. I think Streamlit would need to build a “marketplace” first (c.f. AppStore, Power BI visuals gallery, etc.), an approvals / governance process, and strict version compatibility matrix for each component. Until then we’re kind of on our own.