Issues with .streamlit folder (and config.toml)


I uploaded files from my folder to Github and deployed my app. However, I have customised my theme using config.toml in the .streamlit folder and it works when I locally host the app from python (vsc). But in my actual desktop folder, there is no .streamlit folder. Hence, I cannot upload that to GitHub etc. Does anyone know where it is located? or how I can find it and upload it to GitHub?

*I tried to directly push .streamlit to github through vsc, but it does not work. I think there have been issues with my github being linked to my local folder. Hence if there is another way out of this, I would love to know.

OR how to set my theme in another manner than through config.toml :slight_smile:

Thank you!

Photos - show that config.toml is in my .streamlit folder on Visual studio code, but there is no such folder in my local desktop. I also had to make the .streamlit folder directly on VSC (because it was giving me errors otherwise when I tried to make a folder starting with a fullstop).

Screenshot 2023-05-31 at 03.18.26

Viewing hidden folders and files (anything that starts with a “.” By default, like .streamlit) on Mac is a little more difficult than Windows. Open finder and follow the below. This should unhide any of those files and folders. (I had to do the same thing initially when needing access to those)

1. Using Finder to view hidden files

Using ‘Finder’ is the easiest way to uncover hidden files. To get started, click the ‘Finder’ app on the Mac dock. Choose the ‘Macintosh HD folder’ under Locations on the left side of the ‘Finder’ window. Next, press ‘Command’ + ‘Shift’ + ‘.’ (the period key) at the same time. The grayed-out files are those typically hidden.

2. Using Terminal to view hidden files

The ‘Terminal’ app allows you to get text-based access to hidden files. Programmers and developers alike might want to follow these steps.

To use ‘Terminal’, click ‘Finder’ on the dock. Then choose ‘Go’ from the menu bar, then ‘Utilities’. In the ‘Utilities’ folder, select ‘Terminal’.

Type the following into ‘Terminal’ then hit the ‘Enter’ key:

defaults write AppleShowAllFiles true

Next, type the following into ‘Terminal’, then hit ‘Enter’ on your keyboard:

killall Finder

You can now view hidden and temporary files through your Mac’s file system.

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Thank you!

I see it now, but when I try to add the hidden folder to GitHub it does not work. It only lets me add the config.toml file which is inside the .streamlit folder. And that does not help customise and change the theme in my app.

Anyone know what I can do?


@nts You can always try within Github to add a new folder with ‘Add File’ and then where it says “Name your file…” → type in “.streamlit/config.toml” to create a new folder and config.toml file with some below text within and save changes. Or drag the actual config.toml file to Github.

config.toml text example:


Let me know if that works for you.


Hey, I am facing the same problem, did this solve the problem for you, cas it has not solved it for me yet, please let me know how did you finally solve this problem of your @nts

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