Latex table in streamlit

I know that streamlit supports Latex natively, but I can’t write a latex table (with \begin{tabular})
Here I’m trying to write this table


\hline Event & \multicolumn{1}{|c|}{ Probability } \

\hline A & $P(A) \in[0,1]$ \

\hline not A & $P\left(A^{\complement}\right)=1-P(A)$ \

\hline A or B & $P(A \cup B)=P(A)+P(B)-P(A \cap B)$ \

& $P(A \cup B)=P(A)+P(B) \quad$ if $\mathrm{A}$ and B are mutually exclusive \

\hline A and B & $P(A \cap B)=P(A \mid B) P(B)=P(B \mid A) P(A)$ \

& $P(A \cap B)=P(A) P(B) \quad$ if $\mathrm{A}$ and B are independent \

\hline A given B & $P(A \mid B)=\frac{P(A \cap B)}{P(B)}=\frac{P(B \mid A) P(A)}{P(B)}$ \