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Hi, I am Steven, I need your help with this ML code. I am trying but failing to make an accurate correlation between swine fever virus and symptoms. Please help me. The code is about building a predictive model using linear regression. The algorithm needs to establish relationships between viruses and symptoms. If a user selects HEV virus on the screen and selects anorexia as a symptom, the algorithm must return 'Observed lesions": Nasal cavity, tonsils, vomiting and high fever, Temperature = 41-42°C, Mortality = 100%, 1-4 days. Clinical form = peracute or highly virulent. ’ else: return ‘NOT Found, Please Try Again’ . I am using Pycharm. Please assist I am a junior in ML.

Hi @Steven482,

Do you have a question about how to use the Streamlit library? This forum is focused on Streamlit which is used to create an interactive website from your Python code. If you are working on training ML models, you may have better luck in a forum focused on Machine Learning.

I recommend preparing a description of the data set you’re using and showing the code you’ve tried to try and get help on one of the forums in the link. Good luck!

Yes, I am using streamlit. I will deploy my application using streamlit platform.I have the code and its not running or deploying. I can share the code to check for me.

Can you share a link to your repository?

Have you tested to confirm the non-Streamlit portions of your app work? A common scenario is to train a model first, then create a Streamlit app that utilizes the trained model for users to explore predictions from the model. What logical workflow are you trying to achieve? Are you creating an app to show predictions using a specific model you create yourself? Are you creating an app that let’s users create multiple models or otherwise allows app users to bring their own training data?

Yes, I trained my model on Jupyter Notebook. Then I used the Streamlit on Pycharm. The training and testing of the model was done on Jupyter. I followed all the instructions on how to use Streamlit by watching the video and tutorial by Patrick Loeber.

Yes, I create an app that shows predictions using linear regression. I train the model with a specific swine fever dataset. In the selection box, the app needs to show a list of viruses and symptoms. Then the user has to select any virus and symptom. Once submitted, the app must predict the virus associated with the symptom.

Hi @Steven482

To help you get started, here’s an example repo and tutorial video that teaches how to build an ML app using Streamlit.

Can you try to incorporate your code into this starter code.

Hope this helps!

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Many thanks. I will try.

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