[MacOs] Problem installing streamlit in Pycharm

First of all, huge thanks to everyone reading this and may god bless you if you can help me. First things first, I am a python noobie who has recently intalled anaconda and pycharm in my Mac. I have developed a few ETL, web scrapping and machine learning projects but I am having a very hard time using Streamlit on Pycharm.

  1. I open Pycharm and create a new project
  2. I create a new environment using Conda and python version 3.8
  3. After creating I went to the terminal dashboard and pip install streamlit and everything goes green very nicely
  4. Type import pandas as pd and run!
  5. Returns -> ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'streamlit'
  6. I have tried after this:
    a) Closing and openning again
    b) Install again Streamlit from a sole terminal page
    c) Tried creating other projects
    d) Tried going to: Preferences/Project:name/Python:Interpreter/ and clicking on the add button but I cannot find streamlit using the search: section
    e) Cried a little bit during this process and went here to see if any soul can help me

Huge thanks to anyone who helps and cheers to anyone striving with the same issue.

I have managed to solve this by using a virtual environment instead of Anaconda’s environment when creating a project.

May this post help anyone who was having the same issue!! \o/

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Hey @Filipe_Colucci, glad you were able to find a solution! You’re right, these types of setups are always difficult as a beginner, but once you get moving, things tend to start making sense.

I hope you stick with it, and show off your Streamlit app when you’re done :slight_smile:

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