Making an all-in-one executable bundle that contains streamlit within

I have made an app, and here’s a brief “diagram” of what it does:

[I] Serial ports (data collection) → [II] PC used for data collection and parsing, as well as hosting the streamlit server → [III] RPi + display used for opening the webpage being hosted and monitoring the data

The second stage is where an obscure problem lies. I’m trying to make it so any PC can perform the second stage, without having to install python, streamlit, and all the dependencies and libraries used in the code.

I’ve exhausted many forums in search for a way to contain the launching of streamlit within the main python code so I don’t have to install python, streamlit, and all the python libraries and dependencies on every single computer where data collection will occur. I saw a post by @SimonBiggs on Streamlit’s forum where he discusses the solution to this problem, however, I’m having a hard time following exactly what happens. The original post can be accessed here:

I was wondering if there is a simple explanation for how this can be achieved. Any and all help will be greatly appreciated!