Manual email login is broken - no email is sent

Hi community,
We are experiencing a bug with the manual email login flow -
after filling in the email, no emails are sent to our inboxes.
we checked all folders.
This is happening for about 40 users with different email domains.
is someone also experiencing this issue?

can someone from streamlit assist?
I would be happy to supply additional info, but since the bug is so fundamental im not sure what I can provide. thanks,

Hey @Amir_Zahavi, welcome to our forum :balloon:

Thanks a ton for flagging this. I just checked with our engineers, and there was indeed an issue with paswordless sign in. The issue should be mitigated now. Do you mind checking?

Sorry for the inconvenience!


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Hey Arnaud,
thank you so much for the fast reply.
I checked now and it looks like its fixed.
thanks again,

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