Can't login to my streamlit share account

I can’t login to my streamlit share account. I use my e-mail as login method. The site says to check e-mail sent to me (as usual as before), but no e-mail is received.
I of course checked my inbox and junk folders… nothing.
I restarted, cleared my cache and tried again … nothing.
I even thought to signup again with the same e-mail, but I get the same message to check the e-mail sent to me, and again… nothing.
Surprisingly also, if I browse to my app (by direct link of the app) … the app opens normally, but of course I cannot get to the settings or anything. Just as an external user using the app.
Any help please!

Hi @hanisalah,

I’m sorry you’re having trouble signing into to :disappointed: Could you please reach out to with the same information and we can dig in more? cc @Caroline

Thanks @snehankekre
I sent the email to support as you mentioned. Wishing for swift solution.

@snehankekre and @Profile - Caroline - Streamlit
Any update?

Hi @hanisalah, please shoot an email to

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