MOVIS: A multi-omics software solution for multi-modal time-series clustering, embedding, and visualizing tasks

Hello everyone! I would like to share the tool I created using Streamlit for the following paper

I am looking forward to hearing your opinions and suggestions!


Source code and documentation can be found here

@aanzel interesting app! I don’t have much background in genomics, can you clarify how gensim is used in your framework? I use it to classify document.

@wgong27514 thank you very much!
Sure! Since MOVIS works with time-series data, each FASTA file represents a single time point. A FASTA file contains multiple D(R)NA sequences (words created using alphabet {A, C, G, T}). Each FASTA file can be considered a sentence (or a whole document). Gensim is used to embed these “sentences” into numerical vectors. More info can be found here :slight_smile:

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@aanzel Thank you for the explanation and the wiki link, going to read it.