Multiple streamlit on unix server

I want to deploy multiple streamlit apps on unix server. I start the apps and log off from server and the apps should still run. How can I do it ?
As of now if I run a single app and log off from unix server then the app stops working.
So I need to two things.

  1. How to make sure app is running even I log off from the server.
  2. How to deploy multiple streamlit apps on same unix server.

Please help.


On linux there are several options to achieve this:

  • nohup
  • screen
  • tmux
  • crontab job
  • systemd service
  • docker container

  1. I would use one of the latter two options.
  2. If you want to run more than one Streamlit app, you must of course configure different ports for the individual Streamlit apps.
  3. If you are not using Docker, I would run each Streamlit app in its own python virtual environment.
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