Multiselect and select boxes displaying the user selection on the screen

Our application here is showing the user selection from the sidebar on to the screen which looks messy, is there a way we can change the way it looks(change colors and make it more presentable) or is there an alternative way to display this info.

Hi, you will have to include a screenshot or a link to your application, so that others can get an idea what you want help with.

The application look can also be changed. Refer the following link:


Hi @Shawn_Pereira ,

Here is the screenshot.

Well, you could do the following:

  • Turn off the sidebar
  • Add all inputs within columns on the main screen, within an expander
  • Results can also be within columns as desired
  • You could use html with/out markdown to highlight / colour your output
  • Check out the above link for creating your own colour themes.

Hope this helps.