The Map of Spotify - Interactive Network of 3000 Music Genres

Introducing - Charting Sounds :musical_note: :headphones:

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An interactive map of music genres for you to explore and find interesting/new music!
It has physics, 3 different map-modes and an embedded Spotify player so you can sample the music you find!

If you would like to jump right in, the link to my streamlit app is right here.

You can zoom in/out, click-and-drag to move things around. You can also listen to music on the embedded Spotify player in the sidebar



I recently discovered Streamlit while I was developing a project. I wanted to create a “map” of music and how music genres connect with each other. The idea being that users could “explore” the map to find new music, relating it to what they now and discovering new connections.

I came across the work of Glenn McDonald, who is a Data Alchemist (yup!) at Spotify. In Glenn’s website Every Noise at Once which had the data I was looking for! Now I needed a way of making an interactive, online website… I also had no web development experience, or knowledge on how to publish a website.

That’s when I found Streamlit, and it was the last piece of the puzzle I needed to create what I had in mind. Today I want to share it with the community and hear any opinions you may have.

Three Map Modes

In this working version, there are 3 types of maps that I have developed and made available:

More information is available on my github, if you have any questions, feel free to ask me :slight_smile:

I have been looking for a job in data, so if you have any recommendations, critiques (or even opportunities!) I am all ears. I would greatly appreciate any kind of support.


This project would not have been possible without this list of amazing people:

  • Glenn McDonald - The inspiration behind this project, if you can, I suggest you check out his work over at Every Noise at Once
  • Fanilo Andrianasolo - Member of the Stramlit Community with countless, invaluable tutorials and guides.

This is pretty cool, thanks for putting it out here

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