My First App : Comic Me - Transfoming into a Comic Book Character with Streamlit

Hello everyone, here is my first attempt to make a Face Style Transfer App.
Introducing Comic Me ! Become a comic book character with a click of a button.

Comic Me

Please share the result of the transformation below and comment on how I can make this more awesome.

P/s : This is my first time developing a pseudo end to end project after a 3 month ML Bootcamp without a tech background, so feel free to help me with software engineering related issue :smile:



This actually is absoluuutelllly amazing ! Now you need to create a “Comic superhero name” generator and it will be complete :stuck_out_tongue:

Great work, sharing this on Twitter right now XD


Woahh this is so cool! Thanks for the contribution!

keep it up! :slight_smile:

I second Andfanilo’s idea of creating a superhero name generator.


Awesome…Auto crop !!


The effect on glasses is awesome!
Oh there’s autocrop? I guess it tries to detect faces then

EDIT: it does look for faces, the effect on objects is…kinda creepy :slight_smile:

Oh wow, it even works so well on glasses, I didn’t even test the algo much on sunglasses, thanks for this info. CycleGAN has really blown my mind even with a not-too-complicated architecture from 2017.

Yeah, I used HaarClassifier in OpenCV to detect faces and to auto crop them for the best result.

@ishkafel15 Super cool app!! Do you have a Twitter? Would love to give you a shoutout!


Here ya go My Twitter, I don’t use it much but thanks for the shoutout anyway.


Thanks for sharing!!