My first Streamlit App

I recently came across streamlit a couple of weeks back and was awed to see how wonderful and easy it was to deploy your machine learning models using it. Unfortunately I didn’t know that there was such thing called streamlit sharing but as soon as i got to know I applied for it. So far I have been using Heroku and it was pretty easy but yesterday my streamlit sharing invite was accepted and I instantly deployed my app from heroku to streamlit and trust me guys it was easier than I would have thought. Please have a look at it :

On a side note I recently began publishing blogs on help people get started with computer vision and recently published my first one. Please have a look at it if you wish.

You can ping me in case of queries or just to say hi at
Love to be a part of this community. Kudos to you guys :slight_smile:


Nice work! :+1:

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