My tts app is glitching

The Nigerian accent I added no longer works properly. I get the following error which I have attached and don’t understand. Can anyone help please.

PS: the default accent works well and will read a full txt file. I didn’t change anything it just happened randomly.

Link to app:
Link to github: GitHub - ifeomaaaa/easy-edit-app: This is an app to make editing easier by listening to chapters

I ran your app, uploaded my text file, everything seemed to work, couldn’t make the app crash.

I don’t understand the Download file by clicking on ⋮ part, I can see no to click.

did you try the nigerian accent? It crashes when the .txt file is too long so maybe try a file with more paragraphs please

Yes, I did. More paragraphs than what?

the issue seems to have fixed itself which is really strange but thanks for your effort