My Twitter Data App

Hello everyone! My Twitter Data is an app that helps you to analyse your personal Twitter account without having to install any software in your machine. If you don’t have a Twitter account but still want to check the app’s functionalities, don’t worry! At the site I provide a mock data sample for you to play around with. You can play with the app using the link bellow and I strongly recommend you to check the demo video first (It’s in portuguese but you can choose the english subtitle! I intend to make an english version soon):



If you liked it, you can see the sourcecode throught my portfolio:


Awesome Project…!!! @MidoriToyota
Keep going …!!! Eager to see the English Version of your Project!


That’s great @MidoriToyota, thanks for sharing. I really like how the file uploader is in the sidebar, keeps the app looking nice and clean

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Thank you @srilakshmi!! I will work on it!! :heart_eyes:

thank you @randyzwitch!! I think it was one of the best things of this app too! I don’t like how you have to stack all the outputs one bellow each other so I thought it would be nice to put all the global data in the sidebar and the results of each type of analysis at the center!

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Yeah, customizing layout is one of our most requested features, and I promise that we’ve heard the message :slight_smile:

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There are a few things to improve but the library is awesome!! It opened many possibilities to me, I am already thinking about other applications for it! :heart_eyes: