Narbar update, now with less jumpiness

New in version 1.0.6 (navbar updates)

  • Changed the sticky behaviour (if you want it at the top, like Streamlit ordering, declare it first) NOTE: The sticky_nav parameter moves the navbar to the top of the window, use sticky_mode = 'sticky' or sticky_mode = 'pinned' if you want it to be sticky, but it will be jumpy or pinned and not jumpy. If you want the Streamlit hamburger menu to appear with the navbar use hide_streamlit_markers=False
  • Can co-exist with the Streamlit hamburger menu now, as well as the status indicators (running/stop…)
  • Improved the centering and appearance
  • Can toggle the Streamlit markers on/off independently of the sticky nav setting
  • Bug fix with initial value with label and id provided (Thanks Daveography!)

Navbar Modes
Pinned Mode

Sticky (jumpy) Mode

Regular Mode

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