New Component: streamlit_calendar, a new way to create calendar view in Streamlit

Hi, I have created streamlit_calendar, a custom component to display calendar view in Streamlit using FullCalendar package. This package provides a way to create a calendar with multiple view configuration such as DayGrid, TimeGrid, List, MultiMonth, and more. The calendar also support dark/light theme and provide simple eventClick and dateClick callback.

Here is a demo of the package with multiple view configuration:


Install the package:
pip install streamlit_calendar

Github - PyPi - Streamlit App


Hi @im-perativa,

Thanks for sharing this with the community!

Looks great!

Exactly what I was looking for :star_struck:
Thanks a lot sir !

Glad you like it ! :grin:

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Looks great! Definitely something I’d like to try out soon

Could you try adding it to the tracker Streamlit Components - Community Tracker so we don’t lose track of it :slight_smile: ? Thanks!


I have added the component to the tracker already. Hopefully it can get listed on your component list soon! :laughing:

hi Thank you for something so wonderful.

I have one question though.

clickevent I don’t know how to do the

How do I describe it?