New custom theme for streamlit + release

What you see before you is customed pretty hard.


  • Hamburder menu.
  • Colorfull stripe on tip.
  • Removed footer text.
  • Removed 'running" thingy. - replaced.
  • Icons of the running thingy.


  • Added a component which will replace the “runnning” thing, into a proper one, which can be moified, takes text and bool as an argument, bool for spinner on or off.
  • Changed most of the input items, still need some work., and gave them a new look.
  • Border around the ‘img’, but not border if you put an image in the sidebar as a logo.
  • Changed the Alerts.

Credits -
I’ve collected some of the things from the forum over here, mostly from comments.

Link to the gui files.

Some more items -
view logs in real time in streamlit - GitHub - BugzTheBunny/streamlit_logging_output_example: An example of how to show console output inside streamlit app.

Docker & Streamlit with working logs -

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Does it also work at ?

No idea friend.

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