Version 0.68.0 • The 1 year anniversary release!

Version 0.68.0

New Features

  • ⌗ Introducing new layout options for Streamlit! Move aside, vertical layout. Make a little space for… horizontal layout! Check out our blog post on our new blog.
  • :floppy_disk: File uploader redesigned with new functionality for multiple files uploads and better support for working with uploaded files. This may cause breaking changes. Please see the new api in our documentation

Notable Changes

  • :balloon: st.balloon has gotten a facelift with nicer balloons and smoother animations.
  • :rotating_light: Breaking Change: Following the deprecation of st.deck_gl_chart in
    January 2020, we have now removed the API completely. Please use
    st.pydeck_chart instead.
  • :rotating_light: Breaking Change: Following the deprecation of width and height for
    st.altair_chart, st.graphviz_chart, st.plotly_chart, and
    st.vega_lite_chart in January 2020, we have now removed the args completely. Please set the width and height in the respective charting library.

For a sneak peek

Check out our release demo or video walkthrough to see the new features in action

One more major update - the release of Streamlit sharing is just around the corner . We’ll be opening up invitations to Streamlit’s new (and free!) sharing platform very soon, so make sure to sign up for your invite.

Special Thanks

Thanks to our contributors abhinand5, cdeil and domoritz for all the help!


Great news! Looking so much forward to using the new layout feature!
Thanks for the great work you’re all doing!


Really loved the new uploader​:orange_heart::orange_heart::orange_heart:


Terrific work on the new layout options!! :star_struck:

It has opened up a lot of new opportunities for usage - which have in turned created a desire for even more great functionality :wink:

I can see on the roadmap that some of the next things could be tabs (where I gave some loose thoughts on the design on the GitHub issue) and modals - both things would be truly awesome. Do you have any rough estimates on when we can expect such features to be available or is it too early in the design phase to give such estimates?

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Unfortunately it’s a bit too early for us to know but we’ll be sure to update the issues once we get a better idea of timeline. Thanks for providing your thoughts and make sure to follow along the issue for updates!

Okay, thanks you for the update :slight_smile:

I have been waiting long for this one. Kudos to the team, thanks for the awesome work

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