No code business intelligence sales analysis app


I have been developing this app for the last two years, and now it starts to make sense.

Would never have been possible without streamlit. Thanks!

Upload a sales dataset (or play with a test dataset on the site) and the app returns a number of analysis (aka charts) at the speed of thought that help you understand sales and margins.

Charts structure inspired by IBCS (the best and only charting standard) for optimal readability.

Home page is here
App is here Open beta
Documentation is here WELCOME TO 'MPARANZA - USE CASES & DOCS

Any feedback is most welcome!



Hi @Fabio ,

Firstly , welcome to the Streamlit community Forum ! :balloon: :partying_face:

That’s a hell lot of work, very impressive. Thanks for sharing :hugs:


Thanks @AvratanuBiswas !

Seems a pretty nice app!

The beta app is not opening in my telephone…

Thanks Thiago,

It does open on my phone, however you are right the app is not ‘made’ to be used on the phone…