NYC Construction & Demolition Waste Mapping Webapp!

Hi Awesome Streamlit Community!
Please check out this raw, first version app I built for the City of New York to track it’s Construction & Demolition Waste flows. Construction materials make up for 20% of the world’s GHG emmissions, and it’s imperative that cities not only track this waste for reuse in the secondary market, but also hold real estate projects accountable for the consequences that their actions have on our environment. This project was done as my final Capstone at the MS program at NYU Center for Urban Sciences & Progress. Any initial reactions are more than welcome!
I will be adding additional exploratory analysis tooling/visualizations, as well as a GHG emissions tracker for each ton of material reused.

Really cool app (and very interesting project) - looking forward to those additional analyses and visualizations you’ve got coming.

In terms of the app as it is right now, I’d toss out two minor considerations:

  1. changing multi-select boxes to radio buttons: e.g. you can select both “yes” and “no” on the main screen or clutter the main page by selecting all different visualizations you have at once; doesn’t take away from the content but might be easier for your client
  2. changing select boxes to multi-select boxes: for the map view visualization, it could help to visualize more data than just one year, one material, one flow; maybe something like multiple years, multiple materials, flow option (you already consider “both”) could make an interesting graphic (although probably cluttered and requiring a much more robust legend)

Just initial takeaways - feel free to add/reject them as you see best fit. Good luck!

Thank you so much! I tried using radio buttons initially, what I faced was that the radio buttons kept their state and immediately visualized the map instead of being blank first (the placeholder value in the radio button was the first index). So I chose check boxes for the sake of keeping the canvas clean until the visualization.
And I will absolutely change the select boxes to multi-select boxes! Thank you for the recommendation!
As for the additional visualizations, they will be county level waste aggregations, which would tell how much C&D waste was generated/recycled/dumped in each county, by material. Would help bring into focus which counties are generating suspiciously high landfill dump data!

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