Oh no. Error running app (after a little use)


Running my app locally everything is fine but after deployment and a little use, I get the same error: “On no. Error running app” but there is nothing in the logs…

Note: I’m sure that this is not due to the tokenizer. How do I know if it is a resource issue?

My app: https://neo-brain.streamlit.app/


Thanks! I discovered thanks to your link that my app is running on 2GB memory since I use langchain, a local vector database and a local tokenizer… Do you know if Streamlit offers a way to increase memory usage limits ?

Well, for Streamlit Cloud there is this:

If you have a special good-for-the-world case that needs more resources, send us an email and we’ll see about making an exception!

I don’t know how high the bar is. For your evil endeavours you can consider other hosting options.

But how or where do you do it from? I am stack… as in where am I checking all that memory from?

Finally, I found that it was the Hugging Face embedding that consumed most of my memory and made my app running out of memory, I got back using OpenAI embedding. Thanks a lot!


I’m also getting the Oh no, Error running app in one of my apps. It was working well for months and it still works locally.
The problem is I can’t even see the console on the right side to see what error there is.

Does someone know why this could be (the not seeing the console)?
I haven’t made any changes to my repository for a long time

Link: https://buscadorsubdivx.streamlit.app

Reboot your app from the dashboard. There must be a console log that shows the installation steps.

Hi Franky1, thanks for the reply.
I have solved the problem, it was the altair vegalite v4 issue.

Just FYI for anyone reading, even after rebooting the app I wasn’t able to see the console log BUT today my app went to sleep and after clicking to wake it up then the console log was visible and showed the error.
So that can be a way to make it visible if you have that problem.

Hi Team

Please assist I am having the error below.

" Oh no.

Error running app. If you need help, try the Streamlit docs and forums."

This is urgent please,

my project defense is tomorrow and i just noticed my app is not opening.

same my problem

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