Oh no. Error running app - Need more RAM?

I have an app, which works fine on my computer, but it crashes on the Streamlit cloud with message"Oh no. Error running app", no error message on the console (see log file here)
I red some posts with possible similar issues, I think it’s due to memory limit exceeds. I red the blog page about common-app-problems-resource-limits, but psrecord doesn’t work on my computer.
Could you take a look on my app please ?
The link to my app :
link to my app
To test it, you can use the img_etiquette.jpg file; app crashes after click on the “Launch detection” button.


Hi @loren,

Here’s a graph of your app’s memory usage over the past 24 hours:

Thanks for the graph! I finally reused the psrecord code in a notebook to track my local application’s memory consumption, so I identified the step that requires more than 1 GB of RAM. But even when I try with a little input, which consumes less than 1G, the app crashes. I made a recording of the local run: here
Can you check on your side please?

@loren do you know where the plot.png image is saved after you run the psrecord command? I’m unable to find it after trying out the steps listed on the streamlit blog :confused:

I did not use the command, it does not work on my computer. But according to the code under Github, this writes the file to the location indicated by the --plot parameter, by default probably the current directory?